Caught Up In the Shouting and Protests

What a happy day it was. Little did we suspect that we would get caught up in a protest that day. With my daughter. With my Mama and Daddy. With my husband, an attorney in the Air Force (JAG).

Mama and Daddy came to visit us in Italy, where Keith served for three glorious years at Aviano Air Base, just north of Venice. We lived in a centuries-old small town, named Dardago, from 1984 to 1987.

Marveling at the beauty of Duomo di Milano, one of the largest cathedrals in Italy and Europe, we walked to the nearby shopping mall, Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II.

“Did you know that this shopping area is one of the oldest shopping malls in the world?”

“Let’s stop for some pasta and sit outside the restaurant and enjoy the people.”

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Your Story Matters – Are You Listening?

“Listen. Listen deeply.”

“This is the word You want me to focus on this year, Lord? I thought I was listening. After all, it’s the first word in my mission statement! You want me to go even deeper? Deeper than studying hard to teach the ladies at church? I try to understand the biblical characters’ cultures, emotions, needs, desires, and sins and apply them to myself and to the ladies. What more is there to listen to?”

In March, I received the path that God wants me to take to listen deeply.

Your Story Matters: Finding, Writing, and Living the Truth of Your Life, by Leslie Leyland Fields, provides the winding, sometimes circling, uphill, downhill path God is taking me on as I listen more deeply than I ever have.

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Are You Listening?

“Listen. Can you hear the note hang in the air as the next note is played?”

Squinted eyes. Frowning face.

“Listen again. It’s as if I’m connecting the notes as a complete thought – a sentence. One note joins the next to produce a new meaning. Do you hear it?”


“Wasn’t that beautiful?”

Smiling nod.

“That’s legato … a complete thought … a complete moment.”

It took several attempts, but my 9-year-old student learned how to listen a little deeper for the connections between the notes in a legato phrase.

Deep listening connects thoughts and emotions to understand the moment's meaning and beauty. Click To Tweet Read more