Are You Prevailing?

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I truly believe that God orchestrated the timing of the release of Prevail for the challenges that we face today. Susie Larson has gifted the world with a year’s worth of devotions that encourage the reader to stand strong in the Lord.

Larson walks the reader from Genesis to Revelation, providing the reader with a short Scripture, a brief description of the background of the verse, and how it relates to today’s Christian. She asks the reader to turn to her Bible and read a few additional verses. She challenges the reader to consider God at work in the world and in the reader’s life and to take action.

An example on day 196 quotes Hosea 2:14

But then I will win her back once again.
I will lead her into the desert
And speak tenderly to her there.

Larson’s challenge

Prayer always ends the day’s devotion.

Larson writes in a friendly and encouraging style while challenging the reader to look inward, outward, and upward. She asks the reader to take action that will honor God.

I am so delighted with this devotional that I will purchase copies for gifts to family and friends.

I received a digital advance reader copy for my honest review.

My prayer

Our great and awesome God, in You we are able to prevail. In You we find strength and courage. Thank you for Susie Larson and her willingness to walk us through Your Word and apply it to our present Christian walk. Bless her and bless the readers of this devotional. Cause Your love to shine through their days and spill onto everyone they encounter. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

Please share how you are prevailing in the comments below.

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