Unexpected Marvelous Marriage Moment

Happy Monday! Let’s start the week off with a Marvelous Marriage Moment.

Desmond and Clara Nistetter (My Daddy and Mama)

My Mama and Daddy dated each other throughout their marriage. Dated? Yes, they dated. They loved going out to dinner as a couple and with others. Their dates were special times, times of dressing up in their finest—Daddy in a suit and tie, Mama in heels, dress, and lots of jewelry … each heavily perfumed. Daddy was usually ready before Mama, and he waited in their formal living room. When she finally appeared, she lifted her arms, smiled, and twirled for Daddy. He clapped and told her how beautiful she was. She bowed her head and smiled. The perfect beginning to a love-filled evening.

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9 Reasons to Speak Up and Reach Out

Mornings in the Roberts house are noisy. The television blares out the news. My hairdryer blasts away. The blender whirs my smoothie. Sometimes shouting is the communication mode because of all the noise.

Finally, I retreat to my office for a moment of silence and time in the Scripture and with the Lord.


Then, the day starts. I don my headphones for the next Zoom or Webex meeting.

I love silence. I learned that “Silence is Golden” as I grew up.

But there is a time when silence harms others.

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7 Keys to the Eternal Diet

I’ve been on my share of diets. You, too?

Why is it that memories of what I can’t have fill my thoughts? I think of the fragrance of chocolate as I pop it into my mouth, hold it on my tongue until it melts, and slowly swallow it. Yes, I’m a chocoholic.

Cravings for what I don’t have.

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Stand Strong, Seek God First

Peer pressure is real, isn’t it?

I have work clothes, casual clothes, gym clothes, and gardening clothes. Just as we dress differently, we talk and act by the rules, specifically detailed or implied by the situation.

When we neglect to follow the rules of the setting, we suffer the consequences.

In Esther 3, we read that Mordecai stood strong and did not bow to expectations. Consequences followed.

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