God’s Story Is Your Story Wrapped in Love

“When He began His ministry, Jesus Himself was about thirty years of age, being, as was supposed, the Son of Joseph, the Son of Eli, … the Son of Jacob, the Son of Isaac, the Son of Abraham, the Son of Terah, the Son of Nahor, … the Son of Enosh, the Son of Seth, the Son of Adam, the Son of God.”

 Luke 3:23, 34, 38 (LSB)

In biblical times, the Jews paid particular attention to their genealogies. Genealogies revealed their heritages … their stories. Today, we may not pay as much attention to our genealogies, but we all have stories.

God has a story, too. God’s story is your story wrapped in love. It’s a story that began before you were born. It’s a story that has no beginning or ending, an everlasting story.

Let’s step into the world in Jesus’ day. Let’s meditate on the genealogy of Jesus.

Rights to property hinged upon the specific tribe and family a person belonged to. Standing within families depended upon whether the son was born first or tenth.

Luke and Matthew traced the genealogy of Jesus. Matthew traced Jesus’ genealogy through Mary, the mother of Jesus. Luke traced His family tree through His stepfather, Joseph.

“the Son of Melea, the Son of Menna, the Son of Mattatha, the Son of Nathan, the Son of David” 

Luke 3:31 (LSB)

Jesus’ lineage includes King David. Jesus is entitled to rule on earth.

“the Son of Jacob, the Son of Isaac, the Son of Abraham, the Son of Terahthe Son of Nahor.” 

Luke 3:34 (LSB)

God promised Abraham that He would make a great nation from the seed of Abraham and that through Abraham’s descendants, God would bless the earth, Genesis 12:1-3. Jesus’ ancestry qualified Him to minister to the nation of Israel.

“the Son of Enos, the Son of Seth, the Son of Adam, the Son of God.” 

Luke 3:38 (LSB)

The first Adam sinned. But Jesus never sinned. Jesus is the Second Adam, the Son of God.

God reveals Jesus as The Perfect Son. The One Who takes away the sins of the world. The Son of God. God’s story is a story of a love that gave the greatest gift of all time – Jesus.

Each of the families in the genealogy of Jesus has a story – a story about God.

As a follower of Jesus, our Savior, you are God’s son or daughter. You have a story a story about God. God’s story.

Heavenly Storyteller, thank You for Your story of love. Thank You for weaving our stories into the lives of others and, more importantly, with the life of Jesus, for He is the True Life. Show us more of Your story in our life’s story. Amen. 


  1. Slowly read Luke 3:23-38. This is the genealogy of Jesus through Joseph. What do the names of those you recognize tell you about Jesus?
  2. Slowly read Matthew 1:1-17. This is the genealogy of Jesus through Mary. What do the names of those you recognize tell you about Jesus?
  3. What does beholding Jesus through His genealogy tell you about your preparations for Christmas?

What’s your story about God?

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