Take the Challenge … Let God Change You

“Surely God didn’t design the gospel of Jesus to be confined to our minds and mouths in the church, yet disconnected from our emotions and actions in the world.

Surely something needs to change (p. 3).

David Platt, Lead Pastor at McLean Bible Church in metro Washington, D.C. and founder of Radical Inc., writes how one week in the Himalayas gripped his heart, his mind, and his actions. Questions about the work of the church, his calling, and the unreached people bombarded him as he hiked through the snow from village to village, talking with people who needed clean water, food, clothing, basic medical care, and, most of all, Jesus. Many have not heard of Jesus.

“We need to dare to come face to face with desperate need in the world around us and ask God to do a work deep within us that we could never manufacture, manipulate, or make happen on our own” p. 4.

A helicopter takes the team through the valleys and up the lofty mountains to their drop-off point, about 13,000 feet high and 14 degrees. From there, they hike up to the villages. Platt is stunned by the beauty … and the need.

Platt shares portions of his reflections in his journal during this week-long trek. He reads Luke 3 through Luke 15 as well as other scriptures and applies them to his experiences. The reflections capture his anguish.

Each chapter ends with a “Reflections” section. Platt asks the reader to wrestle with what has been written in the chapter, become more aware of needs, and take action.

“Are we really doing church the way this Book [Bible] describes it?” p. 158.

That is the question I wrestled with as I slowly read this book. I finished reading this book over a week ago. I was convicted. I asked God to make me more aware of the needs surrounding me. He did, and He is. I have tears in my eyes as I am writing this.

As Platt writes, this is a risky book to read. If you read it with an open heart and willingness for the Holy Spirit to guide you, you will be changed.

I challenge you to read this book … slowly … prayerfully … letting the Holy Spirit work in you.

I urge you to watch this simulcast.

“For Jesus’ sake, let gospel reality in your head fuel gospel fervency in your heart that leads to gospel urgency in your life” p. 204.

I received an Advanced Reader Copy from the publisher for my honest review.

My prayer:

Father, You hear all prayer. You see all things. You care about all people. You have prepared works for Your people to accomplish, and You have equipped us. Pour out Your compassion, Your love, and Your wisdom abundantly upon Your people. Guide Your church. Make us more aware of the need around us and the need to share the gospel with those who are unreached and those around us who have not accepted Jesus as their Lord and Savior. O Lord, convict Your church and transform Your people as we humble ourselves, turn from our wicked ways, pray, and seek Your face. In Jesus’ name, we pray. Amen.

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