How to Be Strong in the Lord and His Might

Are you strong in the Lord during the battles of life?

Have you been in such a tight situation and you figured that there was no way to get out of it?

In those times, I’ve heard, “Buck it up, sister!” I told myself this many times when I started to have a pity party.

OK. I’m a pity party hostess. How about you?

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Uncertain Times … Certain Hope

“God is our refuge and strength,
always ready to help in times of trouble.” Psalm 46:1

Are you overwhelmed by the uncertainty of today? Thanksgiving was very different this year. We were still thankful, but we celebrated differently.

Did you find that the things that you were thankful for were different this year? Shelter, food, family, safety.

These are, indeed, times of trouble. But there is hope.