3 Calls to Service … What’s Your Calling?

Sea of Galilee - 1

Jesus was alive! By now, He had appeared to the disciples twice. Now, they walked to Galilee to meet Jesus for the third time. There they were … waiting.

“I’m going fishing,” Peter said. Five other disciples went with him. They fished all night and caught nothing.

Early in the morning, they heard, “Children, do you have any fish?”


“Cast your net on the right side of the boat, and you will find some.”

Their net was so full, that they couldn’t pull it in. John told Peter, “It’s the Lord.” Peter plunged into the water and swam to shore.

Fish on the fire and bread. Jesus provided again. The disciples added some of their catch.

Breakfast on the beach with Jesus.  Continue reading 3 Calls to Service … What’s Your Calling?