The Women of Easter … A Review


Hymns, Scripture, prayer, study guide, and women all point to Jesus in Liz Curtis Higgs’ profound look at The Women of Easter.

I experienced the emotions and thoughts of Mary of Bethany; Mary of Nazareth, or Mary Magdalene.

Readers imagine the fragrance of the spikenard as Mary of Bethany bathes the feet of Jesus and lovingly unbinds her hair to wipe His feet dry. Silent, we watch her; we see Jesus’ love, and we feel the tension in the room.

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31 Verses to Write on Your Heart … A Review



I grew up in Oklahoma. We went to church every Sunday, and I went to the youth group on Sunday evenings. We read Christian books, and sometimes, we heard sermons based upon the Bible.

I loved the Bible early on and studied it like I studied my school lessons. When I was 19, my Methodist minister visited me in the hospital and introduced me to my life verse, Isaiah 40:31.

Yet, those who wait for the Lord;
Will gain new strength;
They will mount up with wings like eagles;
They will run and not get tired;
They will walk and not grow weary.

Although I did not intentionally memorize that verse, I read it so many times that it is alive in my heart. The verse’s promise became my treasure.

When we moved to California, Keith and I became Awana leaders. There was a great emphasis upon Scripture memorization. We did not have the advantage of Liz Curtis Higgs‘ insight to help the youth with their memorization efforts, and many times, the memorization was tedious work for them.

Higgs approaches Scripture memorization in a unique way. She illustrates the Scripture with an anecdote and then takes the reader on a journey through the words, their meanings, and their everyday applications. It felt much like praying the Scriptures. In fact, each devotion ends with her personal prayer and a memorization tip.

At the end of the book, she lists the tips again and provides a study guide for a more indepth look at the Scriptures.

There’s a rhythm about Higgs that delights me. On Proverbs 4:23, she writes, “Each time we love and trust instead of fret and fuss, God changes our stop-and-go into flow.” (page 35)

I am returning to Scripture memorization. But this time, I’ll think of it as writing treasured Scripture upon my heart.

Or shall I call it heart engraving?

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My prayer

Father, You have given Your children a treasure of promises, guidance, and truths in Your Word. Thank You. Thank You, for Liz Curtis Higgs and the insight You have given her in handling Your Word and writing it on her heart. Bless her as You guide her in her next project. Holy Spirit, guide us as we engrave Scripture truths upon our hearts. May Your great Word flow in us, through us, and onto others. We love Your Word. Your Word reveals Your holiness and great love for us. In Jesus’ precious name we pray. Amen.

Are you writing God’s Word on your heart?
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Queen of Sheba-wisdom seeker

This is the first book that I’ve read by Liz Curtis Higgs, and I was delighted. It’s Good to Be Queen weaves interesting research, biblical truth, creative imagination, practical application, and today’s insight into a beautiful tapestry that could adorn the most elegant woman.

Now when the queen of Sheba heard about the fame of Solomon concerning the name of the LORD, she came to test him with difficult questions. 1 Kings 10:1

Higgs takes the reader on a journey through the eyes and mind of the queen of Sheba, beginning with an arduous trip from Yemen (Southern Arabia) to Jerusalem, about 1,500 miles.

Higgs provides discussion questions for a book club single session and a study guide in the back of the book for readers to delve deeper or to use the guide in a small group. In the study guide section, she writes:

Sheba’s desire for wisdom fueled her long journey north. … Sheba’s trek across the desert was dangerous, with the threat of wild animals and even wilder weather. On your spiritual journey, what are some of the challenges you face?

Just 13 verses, but Higgs painted a picture of a bold, strong woman who sought wisdom at a great price: her wealth, her time, her physical effort, her pride, and her gods. Yes, Higgs, believes that she turned from her pagan gods and worshiped the one true God, the God of Solomon.

In addition to the secondary research Higgs conducted for this book, she also asked her followers questions and included their insight:

Doris gets the credit for this one: “Today is a good place to begin finishing well.”

That’s part of the legacy the queen of Sheba passes on to us. The “bold and foward-thinking” woman was all about making the most of each day. She studied, she pursued, she asked, she listened, she marveled, she spoke truth, she encouraged, she learned, and in the end she praised the Lord and urged others to join her.

I had not pondered the queen of Sheba in-depth, and I am so glad that I read It’s Good to Be Queen. It made me ask myself how much I really pursue the wisdom of God.

Thank you, Liz Curtis Higgs for a great study.

About Liz Curtis Higgs

I received It’s Good to Be Queen, published by Waterbrook Press, from Blogging for Books for my honest review.

My prayer

Father, thank You for Liz Curtis Higgs and her commitment to You and to her sisters in the Lord. Bless her, I pray, and continue to pour out Your wisdom and Spirit upon her. Father, bless Your daughters and sons, and instill in them a desire to pursue You and Your wisdom. You are the Creator of the Universe, the All-Knowing God. Thank You for the queen of Sheba and her example to women of all ages.