Meet the God of Promise in the Book of Isaiah

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Kim Erickson has gifted the world with a Bible study that leads us through the book of Isaiah to meet the God of promise. Predicting Jesus: A 6-Week Study of the Messianic Prophecies of Isaiah leads the Bible student to conclude that the “Word of God is purposeful, personal, and powerful.” (Erickson, p. 173)

“The book of Isaiah is where my new-believer mind and grieving-mom heart grasped onto the hope offered by God.” After losing her three-year-old son, Kim Erickson’s faith journey reached an important turning point when she began to study the book of Isaiah.

In six weeks, the Bible student will explore Isaiah’s prophecies that predict Jesus’ first and second coming. Erickson pairs Isaiah’s predictions with their fulfillment in the New Testament.

Systematic Study

This systematic study provides information about the cultural background, brief word studies, quotes from commentators, and various interpretations. Study opportunities are included for five days each week. Each day’s section includes: 

  • Old and New Testament readings.
  • A “What’s the Point?” section asks the readers to relate the study to their lives.
  • The “How Do We Use It?” section prompts readers to apply the study personally.

Prompts to journal and answer questions cause readers to meditate upon their faith journey. 

Day 5 is a time to “review, reflect, and pray.” Erickson provides group discussion or reflection questions to wrap up the week. 

Must Study

Predicting Jesus: A 6-Week Study of the Messianic Prophecies of Isaiah prompted me to want to study the book of Isaiah more in-depth. This study cries out for group discussion. 

Meet the God of promise in Isaiah by using Predicting Jesus: A 6-Week Study of the Messianic Prophecies of Isaiah.

My Prayer

Our heavenly Father, thank You for the prophecies of Jesus in the book of Isaiah. Thank You for loving Your children so much that even when we rebel, You are there to bless us. Thank You for Kim Erickson and her commitment to faithfully handle Your Word and share what You have taught her. Pour out Your lovingkindness and joy upon her. Cause this study to kindle a fire in Your people, so that they meet You, the God of promise, in new and deeper ways. In Jesus’ name, we pray. Amen. 

I received a copy of Predicting Jesus: A 6-Week Study of the Messianic Prophecies of Isaiah from the publisher for my honest review.

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