Memories of God’s Handiwork

Join me as I share a few thoughts about a some of my memories of Christmas on Diana Rockwell’s blog, “Christmas Ornaments, Memories of God’s Handiwork.”

What memories of Christmas have influenced your life?

3 responses to “Memories of God’s Handiwork”

  1. Sheila Lynn Avatar

    Oh my, we never had ticks come in on a Christmas tree and hope we never do. Love those homemade ornaments!!

    1. possesshispromises Avatar

      Sheila, True story. The tree in the states made up for the tree in the Philippines, though. Made the memories much sweeter. May you have sweet memories of Christmases past and may you make memory moments this Christmas. Merry Christmas! Karen

      1. Sheila Lynn Avatar

        Thanks Karen and may you too continue to create great memories!!

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