Life In the Struggle

No room for Him in the inn.
New life birthed in the struggle of chaos.
Laid in a feeding trough.
Visited by shepherds, and
Glorified by angels.

Rejected by His hometown.
Ministry prevailed in the struggle against darkness.
Nowhere to lay His head.
Followed by sinners, and
Promised by prophets.

Flocked by the hurting.
Miracles reigned in the struggle of suffering.
In Galilee, Jerusalem, and Samaria, He walked.
Flocked by the needy, and
Sent by God.

Accused of blasphemy.
Teachings triumphed in the struggle against legalism.
On the mountaintop, He prayed.
Sought by the common, and
Proclaimed by His disciples.

Betrayed by Judas,
Wrath poured out in the struggle against sin.
On the cross, He paid it all.
Mourned by His followers, and
Placed in a tomb.

Guarded by soldiers,
Fear gripped all in the struggle for power.
From the tomb, He rose.
Seen by many, and
Ascended into heaven.

Loved by God,
Continuing in the struggle of life.
From the world, we rise.
Not of this world, and
Saved in eternal life.

Gifted to us,
Newness of life from the struggle.
From grace, we rejoice.
New creations, and
Befriended by Jesus.

May this Christmas cause you to ponder the amazing love gift the world has received, Jesus!

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