Surprised By Titles

Titles in Psalms

Many Bibles I have include titles of sections and of chapters. However, I have one Bible that does not. I recently completed the Psalms, took notes, and assigned titles to each Psalm.

What if we all ignore the titles that someone else assigned to the chapters and sections and listen for the titles the Holy Spirit speaks to us?

20 Titles That Bless

As I slowly wrote the titles in a list, I began to pray, thanking God for His goodness to His people.

101: God’s Faithfulness
102: God Abides Forever; His Children Continue
103: God’s Characteristics
104: Praise the Creator’s Majesty!
105: God’s Works in Israel
106: Remembering Israel’s Sin & God’s Salvation
107: Thanks to God for His Lovingkindness
108: Victorious God
109: Prayer for Judgment, Vengeance & Deliverance
110: Jesus’ Role: Priest, Ruler, Judge
111: God’s Great Works
112: Blessed Is He Who Fears God
113: Praise His Name
114: God of Jacob’s Providence
115: Trust in God; Israel’s Help, None Like Him
116: God Hears & Acts Graciously
117: Praise the Lord!
118: God’s Lovingkindness is Everlasting
119: God’s Word & Precepts
120: Cried to the Lord While Dwelling with Those Who Hate Peace

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What if we turned those titles into prayer and praise?

Our Faithful Creator, there is none like You. Your majestic works save us from ourselves and pour out your lovingkindness. In all, You are victorious. Your judgment and vengeance upon evil and deliverance from sin point to Jesus as our Priest, our Ruler, and our Judge. Mighty are Your great works. Your children are blessed because we fear and revere You. We praise Your name O God of Jacob. In You, we trust. You are our Help, our Providence. There is none like You. You hear us and act graciously. Praise the Lord for His eternal lovingkindness. Holy are Your words and precepts. We cry out to You Lord. We dwell in a land and among people who hate peace. But Jesus, You are our peace that passes understanding. Faithful and true are You. In Jesus’ Name, Amen.

How has Scripture surprised you?

5 responses to “Surprised By Titles”

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  2. possesshispromises Avatar

    And with you!

  3. T. R. Noble Avatar

    No matter how often we read the Lord still inspires and teaches new things. His name is living water for a reason.

    1. possesshispromises Avatar

      T.R. Yes, Indeed. Glorious are His works and His name is magnified each time we meditate upon Him. May your new year and new decade be filled with overflowing blessings and joy. Karen

      1. T. R. Noble Avatar

        Thank you 💗💗 God be with you!

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