Checkpoint Charlie, Berlin Wall, 25 years later


Today marked the 25th Anniversary of the tearing down of the Berlin Wall. That day was emotional for Keith and me. He was still in the Air Force, and we were living in O’Fallon, Illinois.

I cried as I watched.

When we lived in Italy, Keith and I traveled to West Berlin. He had a military conference there.

We had the opportunity to go through Checkpoint Charlie. The Air Force personnel were dressed in their Class-A uniforms. Everywhere we went, those American military uniforms stood out, and residents and East Berlin military watched us.

Stepping into East Berlin was like tiptoeing in a world of black and white, gray and brown. Walking back into West Berlin was like skipping in a rainbow world filled with hot pink cotton candy.

Today, we celebrate the freedom gained for East Berlin residents.




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  1. We were already here in Italy when all that happened, and a short time later met many eastern Europeans going through. Our family has never forgotten one young man from Romania, in particular. He didn’t know that photos of the moon existed, let alone that man had been on the moon. Our kids (and we) were as amazed over that as he was amazed to see those photos! “We didn’t get news,” he said. Lack of freedom locks people in, in so many ways. Great post on celebrating freedom!

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