God’s Story … Faithful Promises

Welcome! I hope that you enjoyed your holiday and family celebrations during the holidays and that you have already begun 2023 with great joy and anticipation for the best year ever.

We’re studying Romans in our Women’s Bible Study at my church in Southern California. Below is a short synopsis of what the Lord laid on my heart as I studied Romans 4:13-25.

For the full teaching, you can click on the YouTube link below.

May God’s Story captivate your heart as you ponder His faithful promises and walk throughout the new year.

God’s Story Is Filled With Promises

Words … words help to make up the stories of our years, our lives, and our faith. 

The Bible is filled with words that tell life stories. Life stories that point to THE Eternal Story. 

Does your life story reveal God’s story?
A life filled with God’s promises?

Although Abram and Sarai had no children and they were past the age of having children, God took Abram outside and promised Abram that his descendants would be as numerous as the stars in the heavens. This is in Genesis 15.

This childless man’s name means “exalted father,” can you imagine what he thought each time his name was mentioned? 

God’s promise was impossible for Abram to accomplish on his own. But God. Abram had seen God work in his life. His story was one of allowing God to lead him. 

God’s promise was beyond Abram’s imagination. A promise that his descendants would be as numerous as the stars through Sarai … barren … also beyond the age of childbearing. An impossible promise. 


Genesis 17:1-8 tell us about God’s promise to Abram. It was a promise that Abram would become the father of many nations; kings would come from Abram – not to mention the King of Kings – Jesus. And the Promised Land would be an everlasting possession. 

What great and precious promises!
Impossible to fathom.

What if God wants to give you unimaginably impossible, audacious, miraculous, life-changing, joy-filled promises, AND THOSE PROMISES BECAME YOUR STORY?

He has, my friend. Are you possessing those promises?

The Bible – the precious love letter from God Almighty – is filled with words that bring hope, peace, joy, and eternal life with God.

We’re on a journey to our Promised Land—a land that is not of this world. On the way, God reveals more of Himself to us, more of His promises, and more of His love. 

Sometimes, it’s word by word, story by story … our story … God’s story.

May you rest in God’s faithful promises as He writes your story.

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