Strong in Battle … A Book For Such A Time As This

Are you prevailing in your battles? Susie Larson’s new book, Strong in battle: Why the Humble Will Prevail, will equip you for today’s challenges.

This is such a powerful book, that I will be using in a future Bible study. Larson has organized the book well for both personal and group Bible study.

Each chapter contains a Bible story and lesson. The reader is then asked to ponder prayerful reflective questions. A section on “The Humble Way” asks the reader to spend time with the Lord asking Him a specific question and waiting upon Him as the reader carefully listens. In the “Discern the Fiery Arrows” section the reader considers a Scripture and asks God what He wants the reader to do with it. Journaling space is provided throughout the book. In the “Say NO!” section the reader considers the shield of faith as a supernatural weapon to say “no” to Satan. The “Say YES” section reminds the reader that the Sword of the Word is our “weapon of offense.” The flame of personalized prayer leads the reader in a prayer steeped in gratitude and a request for strength in the battle. The last section, “Spiritual Intelligence Training,” asks the reader to read passages of Scripture and ask how those passages apply to them. 

“There’s always a cost and a time of preparation for serving God in greater ways. How has God prepared you for what you’re doing now? How does it seem He’s preparing you for future service?” (Susie Larson)

I was strengthened by this incredible book. It provides practical steps based on God’s Word lived out in today’s world. In the midst of Larson’s health struggles, she wrote a strong message for us all … God has worked mightily through her.

Father, thank You for Susie Larson and this wonderful book. You have made her strong in her battles, and she is prevailing. Thank You for prompting her to write this book and bless Your sons and daughters. Equip Your children to be strong in battle and prevail. In our weaknesses, You are strong. Bless Susie Larson and the readers of this book. Amen.

I received an advance review copy for my honest review.

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    1. Karen S. Roberts Avatar
      Karen S. Roberts

      Thank you for the reblog. May you be strong in your battles. Karen

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