How to Pray for Ukraine

Pastor Conor ministered in Ukraine for 20 years. Below is an update that he shared a few days ago to help us know how to pray for Ukraine.

Over the past few days we have been in constant communication with our friends and church family in Ukraine. The invasion of Ukraine has been harsh and quick and it has affected every region of the country. Many people have fled or are fleeing to western Ukraine hoping for safety. But now, the western regions are also being attacked. 

As we talk and cry with friends in our city, Chernihiv, we can hear warning sirens in the background. While texting with a church member and dear friend Saturday morning, their apartment building was hit. By God’s grace they were in the basement and they are unharmed, but their home is gone. Children are afraid. Mothers and fathers are wondering what they should do. We have young friends who have been sent to fight. Most of our friends are spending all day and night in basements under their apartment buildings. Friends who are in Kiev are sleeping underground in Metro stations. Missionary friends outside of Kiev are receiving refugees while listening to air raid sirens. We have been in contact with friends in Poland, Slovakia, Hungary, and Romania. They are preparing to receive thousands of refugees in the coming days. We are working to help our Ukrainian friends who are fleeing find churches in these countries that can care for them and house them. 

This is a very difficult time for Ukraine, but also a glorious time for God to show His power and love through His church. We are hearing of so many ways the church in Ukraine and all across Europe are caring for and ministering to so many people. There will be hundreds of thousands of Ukrainian refugees soon that will feel the love of God through His people.

Please Pray! Please pray for protection over Ukraine and for our brothers and sisters there. Pray that God would give them strength as they walk in this dark time. Pray that the light and hope of the gospel would shine! Pray for the church in Chernihiv, for Pastor Sasha Lyakhovyy, Lyosha Evontiv, and Dima Larionov (It was Dima’s apartment that was bombed), as they lead Christian Bible Church there. Pray for the church in Ukraine as a whole, to know and love Christ during this time. Pray for the salvation of many Ukrainians and Russians through this war. And pray this war would end soon.

Many of you have asked about Chernihiv the city. Chernihiv continues to have intense fighting. There have been many tanks and much shooting all through the city. Russian drones using missiles have blown up several buildings and an old airport three blocks from our old house. Civilians have been given guns and have been instructed to make bombs. They are fighting alongside Ukrainian troops to keep control of the city. So far they have.

Thank you all for your love and care. Thank you also for your prayers for our family. It is very difficult for us to not be there right now. We are trusting God with this. 

– Conor

Photo by Max Kukurudziak on Unsplash

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