Vertical Marriage … Make God First & Transform Your Marriage

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Dave and Ann Wilson share the secret they learned from their own marriage blunders and missteps. They share vivid high points, triumphs, disappointments, and trials. Smiles erupt into laughter. Disappointments and tears touch the readers’ hearts.

Four parts embrace the concept of putting God first in marriage.

  1. Going Vertical. Facing reality rather than the fantasy of our dating expectations. “But the truth is, marriage is not at all easy. It is a matter of life and death – which is why your vows reflect this truth in the words, ‘Until death do us part.’” (p. 46)
  2. Conflict and Communication. Addressing the ABCs of anger, Dave and Ann draw readers into their home as they argue, step back, and learn listening skills, gracious words, and the beauty of forgiving.
  3. Intimacy. “Sex is soul intimacy.” (p. 156) Pornography addiction and sexual temptation are honestly discussed in this section. Readers are encouraged to invite God into their bedrooms as they freely enjoy each other.
  4. Living Vertical. “Let’s say it like this: apart from God’s daily intervention you can do nothing to help your marriage. So then, a vertical mindset shouldn’t be the supplement to the tips, tricks, and strategies for growing a healthy marriage, it should be the main course.” (p. 220)

“When Christ is in the story and you respond to his vertical-first invitation, even painful moments (like having casts put on both your wrists [there’s a story here that you’ll have to read]) will be peppered with a sense of joy that is counterintuitive to your circumstances.” (pp. 216-217)

This wonderful couple stands before the readers in their strengths and weaknesses to share how going vertical, focusing upon God first transforms broken marriages and even good marriages into marriages that honor God and delight the couple.

Father, thank You for Dave and Ann Wilson. Bless their marriage and their ministry. Cause their message to encourage couples and transform their marriages. Thank You for the gift of marriage and for the beauty of having a Vertical Marriage. Amen

Please share how God has blessed your marriage.

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