When You Don’t Like Your Story … A Review

I have chapters and pages in my story that I don’t like. I wish that I could tear them out, shred them, and set fire to them.

How about you?

Have you considered that God can use the ugly and broken shards of your life to piece together beautiful and valuable artwork?

Bestselling author Sharon Jaynes examines her life and the lives of others in light of the stories that make us uncomfortable, those stories that we would like to forget. You know, the ones you’ve hidden away and hope no one hears about. We’re missing the point.

Jaynes asks, “What if your worst chapters could become your greatest victories?”

Defeats into victories?

God pieces together the shards of life with gold, much like the art of Kintsugi. The scars of gold tell others how God has transformed our brokenness into works of art that delight all.

“We live life forward,
but we understand it backward.”

Sharon Jaynes, p. 32.

We don’t know God’s strategic plan for our lives. However, when we look back and remember how God used those uncomfortable times, we understand His artistry in the scars of gold.

Jaynes shows how God transforms disappointment, guilt, shame, forgiveness, and much more into understanding, gratitude, and trust in His plan for us.

She has added resources like Scriptures that reveal our identity in Christ, prayers for forgiveness, and a Bible Study Guide that small groups can use to go through the book together.

This is a “must-read” for a time such as this … a must-read for those who don’t understand how God can use their brokenness … a must-read for a new perspective on the disappointments of life.

Father, thank You for Sharon Jaynes. Use this book to give hope and reassurance to the readers that You are creating a masterpiece in their stories, and that you are using the brokenness in their lives to piece together gold storylines that glorify Your name. Bless Sharon Jaynes and her readers. In Jesus’ name, amen.

Learn more about Sharon Jaynes.

The book will be available on January26. Preorder today to receive exclusive bonus content.

I received an advance reader copy from the publisher for my honest review.

Featured Image by SEBASTIEN MARTY from Pixabay.

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