Kissed by the Name

Fifty-two years ago this month, my husband, Keith, stole a kiss by the elevator in the university’s dorm. Public Display of Affection! We’d just been lectured about that from our floor monitor.

Let him kiss me with the kisses of his mouth! Song of Solomon 1:2

That started a life-long love adventure with my Beloved. The kiss was just the starting point.

As I learned more about this young man, the more I admired him. Admiration came before love.

I had prayed for the man that God was preparing for me in high school. Now, here was that man.

For your love is better than wine;

Then love flooded my being. It was better than anything that I had ever experienced. Sweet to the taste. Intoxicating.

The Gift

To think that God prepared this man for me as a gift was more than I could imagine. Why would God favor me with such an incredible man?

Such a gift required great responsibility on my part. Loving God and reflecting His love upon this man. Serving God through serving this man.

If you are married, God has presented your spouse to you as a gift. Even if you have a rocky marriage, God can use those challenges to refine your marriage and your relationship with your Savior.

The Fragrance

your anointing oils are fragrant Song of Solomon 1:3

Anointing oils were used to consecrate people or objects as holy and set apart to the Lord. Genesis 28 is the first mention of pouring oil out. Jacob dreamed that he saw a ladder to heaven, and the angels were ascending and descending. God stood above the ladder and promised Jacob that his descendants would bless the earth and that He would be with Jacob wherever he went.

The next morning, Jacob took the stone where his head had rested and set it up as a pillar, pouring oil on it and naming the place Bethel, the house of God.

The Name

your name is oil poured out Song of Solomon 1:3

Names described the person and her character or essence, and sometimes names were changed. God changed Jacob’s name (supplanter) to Israel (strives with God or God strives) after Jacob wrestled with God.

Solomon’s name means “peace.” Jesus’ name is the name above all names, (Philippians 2:9).

God named Sarai (princess), Sarah (noblewoman).

Solomon’s character and all that he stood for, his name, was like fragrant oils poured out setting him apart as holy to the Lord.

Keith’s character and all that he stands for, my Beloved, is like fragrant oils poured out. He is set apart as holy to the Lord.

The Challenge

How does your husband refer to you? What names have you given him? Think about your husband’s character, his essence, and name it.

The name you give your husband is like consecrating oil that is poured on his head, running down his face, his torso, his legs, and his toes. The name you give him sets your husband apart as holy to God.

Loving Father, holy are You. Thank You for the gift of marriage. May we understand the meaning of this incredible gift You have given us. We want to reflect Your love upon our husbands and bless them to overflowing. Refine our characters and our very beings, so that when our husbands see us and call us by name, they see women who are consecrated to You, holy, and blessed. We praise You and thank You for our husbands. In the name above all names, Jesus, we pray. Amen.

What name did you give your husband?

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Photo by Oziel Gómez on Unsplash

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