Selfless Heroes … God At Work

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I saw pain. Hurt. Friends. Love. God at work today.

I sat in the heat and the sun outside the emergency room of Loma Linda University Medical Center today. I waited for news. And I watched the hurting people. I observed the family and friends waiting for news. Good news. Bad news.

I watched a distraught teenager march out of the emergency room and dozens of nurses, police, and others follow her, trying to comfort her and talk her back into the hospital to receive the care that she needed.

I watched a woman who had been clearly abused seek help, and the caregivers gently talk with her and take her into the hospital for care.

I watched a mother with her child, and the caregivers take her into the surge tent.

So much hurt. So much care. So much … and there was God in the midst … working … comforting.

I wore a mask, and others wore masks.

We were offered water, Gatorade. Comfort.

I saw the hugs. I saw the genuine love. The help.

And I thanked God for the caregivers, the love givers at Loma Linda University Medical Center.

Praise the Lord for people who care … people who risk it all for others.

Selfless heroes. God at work.

Father in heaven, bless the healthcare workers at Loma Linda University Medical Center and other hospitals throughout the world. Thank You for their care, for their love, for their mission. Bless them with Your joy, Your peace, and Your love. Give them wisdom in all that they do. May they know the difference that they are making in the lives of others and in Your kingdom. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

Please share your story of a selfless hero you have encountered in 2020.

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