A Sacred Marriage Leads Us to a Holy God

The Bible begins and ends with marriage, and right in the middle, we have an entire book, the Song of Songs, devoted to the romance of marriage. God called Israel His wife, and the church is called the Bride of Christ.

Marriage is blessed, and Gary Thomas has written a marriage-changing book asking the question, “What if God designed marriage to make us holy more than to make us happy?”

That question changes the entire focus from how marriage will bring me happiness and pleasure to how I can bring glory to God through my marriage. 

In this selfie-focused age, this type of thinking startles us. Thomas reminds us that “Marriage calls us to an entirely new and selfless life” (p. 23). Through that life, we grow more intimate with God and with our spouse. We see our marriage as sacred.

From sinful stinkers to prayerful partners, from selfish scoundrels to serving saints, readers will recognize the walk through marriage that we are taking is a Christian journey toward our Holy Father – it’s a sacred walk, and we are on a sacred mission.

To accompany the book, Thomas has also created a six-week small group DVD series and participants’ guides that is changing the marriages of several couples in our small group. This is a powerful series.

Marriage has led me to deeper levels of understanding, more pronounced worship, and a sense of fellowship that I never knew existed.
“Sacred” isn’t my brand; it’s my way of life. And applying it to my marriage has transformed every one of my days (p.13)

My prayer:

Giver of all blessings, thank You for the gift of marriage and the gift of inspiration through Gary Thomas. Lord, bless him, his marriage, and his ministry through You. Through marriage, we experience a love that takes deeper into each other and into You. Father, help us to focus upon the sacredness of marriage and empower it to make us more holy.

How is God using your marriage to draw you closer to Him?

2 responses to “A Sacred Marriage Leads Us to a Holy God”

  1. lynnabbottstudios Avatar

    Oh, so profound a thought… and yet, so true! With God, the end result of holiness always trumps temporal happiness! Sounds like an incredible book! Thank you for telling us about it!! <3 <3

    1. possesshispromises Avatar

      Lynn, Yes, I am still amazed. Keith and I think Sacred Marriage is so important, that we facilitate a 6-week small group study with DVDs by Gary Thomas, with the book and participants’ guides. We’re now reading his book called “Cherish” and will probably follow up with that in a small group study. Everything that we do helps or hinders our walk with God. Imagine! May your walk be holy and sacred. Karen

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