So many unspoken sacrifices for our freedom. Thank you to our active duty military members, our veterans, and their families. Please thank a military member, a veteran, and their families for their services.

Walking Together in God's Promises

My daughter, Kristin, and I had the privilege of following Keith across the globe as he served in the Air Force.

We’ve lived in the Pacific, in Europe, on the East Coast and the West Coast and in the middle.  Although Kristin and I were not active duty military members, I felt as though we served our country.  I had dreamed of a degree … but that was delayed. I had dreamed of a career … but that was delayed. Our priority was to keep the family solid … to support Keith as he did his part to preserve the freedom of America … the freedom of Americans who would never know the sacrifices we made.

The unspoken sacrifices.

I remember Kristin’s response when a new acquaintance asked her where she was from. Her reply, “No where.” You see, we moved every two or three years. She felt like no…

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8 thoughts on “Unspoken sacrifices of military families … for freedom

  1. I can relate to not feeling like you belong, but for me, God always connected me to a place, even if it took sometimes quite a bit of time. Today, my husband and I went to Ihop and he got his read, white, and blue pancakes. Through his journey in the Air Force, God has taught me so much, and now that he’s out, I’m grateful for every lesson God gave me. The good and the hard ones.

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    1. T.R. Yes, I’m grateful for all our experiences, good and bad (according to earth’s rating). He has worked all for good because we love Him. Please thank your husband for his service, and I thank you for your service. Many do not understand that the families sacrifice so much as well. Each step has been an adventure and the foundation of the next adventure. God bless our veterans, our military, their families, and God bless America. May America return to the God it was founded upon. Bless you. Karen

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