Still Waiting … There’s Hope in Waiting on God

The Bleeding Woman’s story is my story, and it’s Ann Swindell’s story. In Matthew 9, Mark 5, and Luke 8, we read about a woman who suffered from a hemorrhage for twelve years. Twelve long years … until she reached out and touched the hem of Jesus’ garment.

Swindell suffers from trichotillomania, a disorder that causes her to repeatedly pull out her eyelashes and eyebrows. Like the Bleeding Woman, Swindell has tried many remedies and spent many dollars, but she has not found a cure.

In Still Waiting, Swindell imagines what the Bleeding Woman’s life was like. She gives the woman a name and details of daily living. We feel the woman’s shame and her suffering, the type of suffering that Swindell is experiencing.

Swindell bravely tells her story, a story of frustration, shame, prayer, and hope. A story of waiting on God. A story of grace.

“There in the dust, he stopped to focus on her and offer her the gift of himself. That was grace to the Bleeding Woman – the presence of Jesus.

My grace has not been the same.

It has been greater.

Although I am not yet healed, the grace I have received is having the presence of Christ with me always. Where the Bleeding Woman waited her entire life – even more than those twelve years – to encounter the living Christ, I daily experience the indwelling presence of Christ within me; the present Holy Spirit.

What grace!” ( p. 192)

Like David, Swindell has poured out her heart to the Lord, asking for Him to act, and now she waits. She waits in full expectation that she will be healed.

“I have the hope of resurrection and the truth that full healing will come when Jesus returns.” (p. 198)

In her waiting, Swindell has laid bare her soul to readers, so that they might find grace and hope. What a blessing! What grace!

I received a copy of this book from the publisher for my honest review.

My prayer:

Father, I thank you for Ann Swindell and Still Waiting. Please use this book to give hope to those who are suffering. I ask that as Ann reaches out to touch You, that Your healing power will flow onto her and grant her complete healing. I pray that her next book will be the story of her healing. Father, thank You that You are at work in our lives, making us the people you have created us to be. We wait upon You, Lord. We hope in You. Amen

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