First Things that last Forever … A Review

first-thingsFran Rogers, a 77-year-old great grandmother, has written for over 25 years assuming that her writing was for the future generations in her family. Thanks to Amazon and Kindle, she is sharing  First Things that last Forever with Amazon readers.

Written much like a Last Lecture, she writes about the four Scriptures that she believes are the First Things,  the Lord’s Prayerseeking the Kingdom of God first, loving God first and our neighbor as ourselves, and Jesus being the first and the last, “in Him was the life, and the life was the light of men.” John 1:1-4

This book is filled with Scripture and is an easy and short read.

My prayer

Father, Thank You for Fran and her passion to share Your Good News and Gospel with others. Bless Fran with Your wisdom and Your guidance as she continues to write and share Your Word. Amen

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