Ignite Your Passion for God … a Review

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Are you going through the motions of walking the Christian path but lack the excitement you previously possessed or maybe never had? You attend church, sing worship songs, give thanks at meals, and say the right words to church members, but you want to be zealous for God. This is the Bible Study for you.

Kay Arthur and Mark Sheldrake have created a small group Bible study that requires no homework but still incorporates the principles of Inductive Bible Study. This Bible Study could spark a small group member’s interest in a more indepth study, like a Precept Upon Precept Bible Study.

Small group members observe Scripture, mark specific words, and discuss their observations. Key insights into the background of the topic or the definition of a word help participants understand the Scripture more fully. For example, week four examines worship.

“The Hebrew word shachah, most often translated worship or bow, means ‘to bow down, prostrate oneself.’ … A simple way to think of worship is to look at God’s worth and think and act accordingly.” (p. 56)

Each week examines a topic that influences passion for God:

  1. Idolatry
  2. God’s Word
  3. Prayer
  4. Worship
  5. Sharing the Gospel
  6. Suffering

True to Scripture, Ignite Your Passion for God, is a great small group Bible study for busy participants. It will give them an introduction to Inductive Bible Study and hopefully, ignite their passion for God and indepth study.

I received this book from Blogging for Books for this review. I have been a Precept Upon Precept Bible Study leader.

My prayer

Father, thank You for this study. I pray for all the people who will participate in this study. Holy Spirit, ignite their passion for the Father. Thank You for Kay Arthur and Mark Sheldrake; bless them abundantly as they work to equip Your followers to know You deeper. Glorify Your Name as small groups all over the world study Your Word.

What sparks your passion for God? Please share your answer in the Comment Section.


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