An email from inside Israel today

Jerusalem looking down

I just received an email from a friend in Israel. I emailed her yesterday that I was praying for her and her family and friends. It is below.

Thanks! Here’s a copy and paste you can pass on!

I’m at a friend in Bnei Braq using her computer. My daughters and I are thankfully NOT at our homes in Netivot. A rocket landed outside of my elder daughter Devory’s home and blew out all of the windows of her apartment !! None of us are planning to return south until this is over G-d willing.

It’s awful that now roughly 70% of the country is in rocket range of these fundamentalist Jihadists in Gaza. They threw rockets that hit Arab areas like Hebron and Bethlehem yesterday!! Sheesh!! Talk about ‘brotherly love!!!

The IDF warns the populace to leave an area before it bombs a home and either they are stubborn SOBs. or the Chamas makes them stay. SO they get blown up when we strike places that are manufacturing/ hiding rockets or homes of important Hamas people. This makes for bad public relations for Israel and great p.r. for the Hamas.

Here throughout the country kids are wetting their beds; people are scrambling to reschedule weddings at halls out of rocket range; folks are missing work as they have to stay home with kids. Many like myself do NOT have a mamad (special air raid room) so have to leave their home towns wandering from relative to relative with their suitcases. It is a nightmare. How will it end? Who knows. Thank G-d that HE is on our side!

For, every rocket that is thrown our way has a miracle sent together with it to protect us. HUNDREDS if not THOUSANDS of rockets have been sent over and NOBODY has been killed yet. MIRACLES! Thank you Hashem for your everlasting lovingkindness! May we be worthy of your generosity and kindness!

My prayer for Esther and Israel:

Father in Heaven, thank You for Your lovingkindness and protection of Israel. We pray that Your wings of protection will cover that country. We thank You that Esther and her family has been protected by You and that Your lovingkindness toward Your people extends to generations upon generations. Father, bring peace to Your people and Your land. Heal their anxiety, and rain down Your grace. Thank You for the MIRACLES that You are performing as signs that the battle belongs to You. Bless Israel and Esther and her family.


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