43 Love-Kissed Years


From the hippies to the colonels,
From the Midwest to the Pacific Islands,
From the East Coast to the West Coast,
From Italy to California,

From military life to academic life,
From sickness to health,
From travelers to tour guides,
From side-by-side to hand-in-hand.
Forty-three years tasting life.

From traipsing across the globe to home,
From him as student to her as student,
From his career to both careers,
From his study abroad to our study abroad,
Forty-three years living for each other.

Forty-three years laughing.

Forty-three years dancing.

Forty-three years adventuring.

Forty-three years uniting.

Forty-three years kissing love.

I am my beloved’s, and my beloved is mine.
Song of Solomon 6:3

My prayer for you

Father, draw us near to You. Heal marriages. Heal relationships. Bring us into a deeper intimacy with each other and with You. Thank You for the gift of marriage. Bless marriages and show us You in our marriages. We love You, Lord.

3 responses to “43 Love-Kissed Years”

  1. liliessparrowsandgrass Avatar

    Congratulations to you and your husband on 43 years of marriage, Karen! What a beautiful testimony of a blessed, God-centered Christian marriage. All my best wishes for more abundant blessings in 2014! Dee

    1. possesshispromises Avatar

      Dee, Thank you for your gracious words. God has truly blessed us with a wonderful reflection of what our relationship is to be with Him through our marriage. May your 2014 be filled with many opportunities, blessings, and much joy. In His love, Karen

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