Birthday Wishes to My Beloved


You have lived a life of service and adventure, and

I have been privileged to partake with you.

From celebrity to strange lands and strange people to tasting delights and hearing musical wonders,

you have led me around the world in one

short adventure after another.

Yet, the most cherished moments are in your arms hearing soft whispers of endearment.

I love you dearly.

Thank you for who you are.

May your birthday be filled with beauty, joy, peace,

and great love.

May you relish the kisses of my mouth and

the embrace of my love.

Happy birthday, my Beloved!

Your Beloved

Love flames make marriage soar

Flames - 1

From small-town Okemah, Oklahoma to exotic hide-aways around the globe,
each year has brought new challenges and new adventures …
ever-increasing pleasure, joy, and love … years filled with “new.”

A life in crescendo.

Shanghai - 1

I have been honored to share those experiences with you since the day I met you.
May your year be filled with glacial joy, white-hot love,
Taj Mahal memorials, jewel-studded opportunities, and abundant blessings.
I truly adore you, my Beloved.
Happy Birthday!

My prayer

Father in heaven, thank You for Keith and his powerful love. Bless him with Your wisdom as he touches others for You. Give him favor with all the people he encounters. Thank You for this man who You prepared for me from the foundation of the world. May he please You and point others to You.

Happy birthday to my beloved!

Grapes - prosecco

May he kiss me with the kisses of his mouth!
For your love is better than wine. Song of Songs 1:2

2014 has been a year of distinction, a year of challenges, a year of recognition, a year of new opportunities.
You met 2014 and all it brought from the foundational values and priorities you adopted many years ago.
I am honored to walk beside you. I revel in your success, and I thrive in your love.

Banquet table

Life with you is an abundant banqueting table.
May your 64th year of life be filled with joy, peace,
opportunities, and adventure.
Happy Birthday, my love.

May you kiss me with the kisses of your mouth!
For your love is better than wine.

My prayer

Father, You have given me a great treasure in Keith. Fill him with a double portion of the Holy Spirit and pour out Your perfect grace, peace, and wisdom upon him abundantly. Thank you, Father, for my beloved husband and friend.