We are blessed with a consolidation of insightful posts about our Great Lord and Savior. Enjoy, and please tell T.R. How much you appreciate her!. Many blessings, Karen

Inside Cup

There is not meant to make anyone feel like they should aim to be on this list. I share the posts that speak to me throughout the month. That’s all. 🙂 

This is our fourth installment this year of community spotlight. I’m so thankful that I’ve gotten to meet new people and continue to grow in the friendships I’ve made from last year.

If you like checking out new bloggers, or enjoy the material matter below check out these amazing bloggers and their posts. 🙂

Here are the posts that spoke to me this month.

Through Ink & Image- And Then, Sunday… – Lynn shares a beautiful post covering the mourning of Christ. She expresses the feelings and emotions shared by those who cared for Christ and those who feared Him. A powerful statement she shared is that God never intended for us to grieve, that was something we encountered…

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