God’s Love Acts: 25 Ways + MORE

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“For God so loved the world, that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him shall not perish, but have eternal life. John 3:16

The Bible tells us that God loves the world, that He is the world’s Creator, and that He delights in His creation, especially in the people He created.

God’s love is active, all-encompassing, and eternal.

Do you know God’s love?

25 Ways God Loves

  1. God’s love knew you and me before creation.
  2. God’s love prepared works for us to do before the foundation of the world.
  3. God’s love required perfect obedience.
  4. God’s love knew that we would turn from Him, and yet, He created us anyway.
  5. God’s love sent Jesus into the world to walk this earth and get dirty with us.
  6. God’s love healed the sick, gave sight to the blind and hearing to the deaf, touched the leper, raised the dead, calmed the storm, and fed the 5,000.
  7. God’s love commanded the storm to become still and the water to turn to wine.
  8. God’s love proclaimed the kingdom of heaven was at hand and the acceptable year of the Lord.
  9. God’s love cost Jesus everything,
  10. God’s love nailed His Son, Jesus, to the cross to pay the price for our sins.
  11. God’s love costs His followers everything—complete and absolute surrender.
  12. God’s love raised Jesus from the dead, conquering death.
  13. God’s love gave His followers the right to be called His sons and daughters.
  14. God’s love sent the Holy Spirit to guide His sons and daughters.
  15. God’s love frees His followers to live a radical life of peace in Jesus.
  16. God’s love transforms impossibility into possibility.
  17. God’s love produces fruit in His followers.
  18. God’s love delights in His people.
  19. God’s love manifests holiness and justice.
  20. God’s love will send His Son, Jesus, a second time.
  21. God’s love will reign on earth for 1,000 years.
  22. God’s love will judge evil and cast it into the lake of fire forever.
  23. God’s love will create a new heaven and new earth.
  24. God’s love will clothe His followers in robes of righteousness.
  25. God’s love dwells with His sons and daughters forever.

May you live this radical freedom in Jesus.

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6 responses to “God’s Love Acts: 25 Ways + MORE”

  1. Paty Avatar

    How amazing is God’s love!

    1. possesshispromises Avatar

      God’s love is AMAZING! He loves you so very much!

  2. T. R. Noble Avatar

    I love how the list shared God’s love in order!! 🙂

    1. possesshispromises Avatar

      Please add to the list! Many blessings, Karen

  3. lynnabbottstudios Avatar

    What a spectacular photo and beautiful list! I’m going to bookmark this page and return to it again and again! Thank you with all my heart for this post! <3 <3

    1. possesshispromises Avatar

      Lynn, Thank you for your wonderful comments. I took the photo. God blessed us with this rainbow about a year ago. Please add to the list. There are so many more works of love that God does for you and me. May you recognize God’s love in a deeper way this week. Many blessings, Karen

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