In Austria. Photo by Danielle Medina

“I will sing of your strength, in the morning I will sing of your love” Psalm 59:16

My Beloved is my melody of joy.
He wraps his arms of protection around me;
He leads me in the dance of life.

My Beloved is my rhapsody of ecstasy.
He enraptures me with delight;
He rains his sweet kisses over me.

My Beloved is my symphony of love.
He beckons the strings to entice me.
He strikes the tympani to captivate me.

My Beloved is my strength.
He lifts me up when I am weak.
He carries me when I am weary.

My Beloved is my love song.
I will sing of my Beloved in the morning.
I will sing of his love forevermore.

My prayer you:

Father, You have given us such a blessing in marriage. May all who read this love song be blessed with a long and joy-filled marriage. Heal marriages and fill us with the song of Your love forevermore.

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