A funnel of flames, and the balloon rights itself.

More blasts of heat and fire, and we’re rising, floating.

Your love flames shoot energy through my soul.

Throughout the years, those flames have turned white-hot,

and I have soared with you in the valleys and over the mountains.

Thank you for fueling our adventure with passion

and a love that I could not have imagined even 41 years ago.

You have captured my passion in the all-consuming fire of your love.

My love for you is white-hot and soaring to unknown heights.

You are God’s sacred blessing to me.

Your love embraces me and completes me.

I love you passionately,

Your Beloved

My prayer for you …

May the Lord bless you with His abundantly great and precious promises and give you the desires of your heart. May our love grow even more intense as we soar through new adventures, and may our adventures always be fueled with the all-consuming fire of our Lord Jesus, our Savior, our Healer, our Great Shepherd, our Everything.

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